Angie Wetzel

Principal | Interior Designer
BFA Interior Design
MA Interior and Spatial Design


London educated Interior Designer, Angie strives for design with poetry.  She strives for the beauty and power of poetry and its ability to evoke greatness, grandeur and depth.   Over the years, Angie has relentlessly pursued perfection-the art of making less, more than enough.  She engages sensory perception to raise inherent consciousness. She calls it "Invisible Design" and explain it as, "What touches you rather than what you see."  It is an ambiance crafted by meticulously composed and orchestrated subtleties rather than an obvious approach.  With her design, there is always a current, an energy that flows beneath the surface of things.  Angie draws on nature and culture, mind and matter, appearance and reality to make her design momentarily and permanently relevant.


APW INTERIOR DESIGN collaborates with talented and dedicated interior designers and architects from all over the world.  We work together creatively on projects worldwide.  We turn ordinary into extraordinary, the past into present, and the present into possibilities by creating spaces and solutions that transform lives.